Stuff I Make

Cot made from logs and hemp rope

Cot made from logs and hemp rope

Below is a short list of things currently for sale.  I only make custom, one-of-a-kind items so please let me know if you have something in mind.  I particularly love using old materials that have meaning.

Check out the Mountain Man Workshop Store by clicking here 

Indian Knife and Rawhide Sheath.

Blade is forged from antique barn door slide and is hafted with rawhide and copper wire to antler handle.  Handle has human head carved at end.  Sheath includes buckskin, antique trade beads, horse hair, hand-made brass cross, copper beads, masai beads.  It is aged appropriately and is a solid knife for display or work.  $280

Cedar Driftwood Flute  “Sound of Sullivan’s Island”

This beautiful flute plays magnificently in the key of G#m and can be played by anyone.  It is inlaid with green stone and has shell beads, feather drops, and antique trade beads.  $1200  SOLD                      

War Club “Corn Snake Eating Egg”   Carved from single piece birch root.  drop includes red scalp feather, antique trade beads, turkey feather, red and yellow silk, hand-crafted brass cross, white feather tipped with red paint.  $750

Brass Head Tomahawk hand drilled and smokeable. Includes bone inlay showing pawprint on one side and “bloodline” on other, bone flange, antler mouth piece with hand made brass insert, hand carved bone pick held with brass tack.  Feather drop includes scalp feather, bone beads, red and yellow silk, hand rolled brass cones, black feather, horse hair.  $1600  SOLD Commission piece

brass head tomahawk with warriors drop and bone inlay.

brass head tomahawk with warriors drop and bone inlay.

deer bone pick for cleanout.

deer bone pick for cleanout.

bone inlay showing line of hearts.

bone inlay showing line of hearts.

drop includes horse hair, silk, scalp feathers, handrolled cones, trade beads.

drop includes horse hair, silk, scalp feathers, handrolled cones, trade beads.

Brass Spontoon Tomahawk. Cast brass head, hand-carved hard wood handle drilled and smokeable.  File branding on handle.  Drop includes, small turkey feather, chopped black feather to indicate enemy killed, red wool, red-dyed horse hair, scalp feather, antique beads, hand rolled brass cones, carved antler mouthpiece.

$190.  available.

Bamboo Fishing Pole. $80.  I also make a similar version using a hand-carved wood reel for $60  These are fantastic wall hangers that really work!

hand-crafted cane fishing pole

I made this fishing pole with bamboo, hemp, paper clips, plumbing can, hand-carved wood dowels.  $80. 

For more items please visit the store.  You’ll be able to see all of my current items.

Surfboard bench made with bamboo, hemp chord, old surfboard


Got an old surfboard?  Don’t throw it away!  I can make a cool bench for you.

Cot made from logs and hemp rope

Log Cot made with Hemp Rope and Square Mortises.  Entirely made with hatchet and chisel.  $1250. SOLD

I can make any size so don’t hesitate to ask. Perfect for under a tree outside!

Square Mortises – no nails used at all!

Knots and bug holes add to the beauty

I have many more items at the Mountain Man Workshop Store

6 thoughts on “Stuff I Make

    • Jim,

      Thanks for the interest. That particular bench was made for a lacrosse store in South Carolina. They provided the surfboard and I did the rest. For my work the fee was $350. I can look into a couple of old boards for you and get back with a price if you’d like. What is the application?

      • Where are you located, we have surfboard ready to go! it’s a classic board that we don’t want getting messed up, so were looking for someone who has done this gig before! we are in SEBASTIAN FL and really want this board made into a bench! Where are you located??

  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if you had the “How To” video to make your homemade fishing reel out of a tin can? I am planning to make this for my Dad.

    Thank you,

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