Every thing that comes out of the shop is one of a kind. There are similar styles, but no two exactly alike. I’ve approached everything in my life this way. I even coach in this fashion.

The way an order works is simple. A client contacts me with an idea. I get back to them on what I can do, then we agree on the  terms. Typically, an order takes several months, but at certain times of the year it could be six months or more. I ask for patience because I don’t like to rush. Making things the old-fashioned way requires attention to detail and lots of patience. 

My preference is to add very personal characteristics to a piece. I ask a lot of question. What is your heritage? What are your likes? What animal speaks to you? Once I have that information I get to work designing. For example, a client asked if she could use a wolf from Viking lore in a tomahawk she was giving to her boyfriend. It’s a two-sided wolf, with one eye looking the moon, and the other the sun. I carved the wolf in the handle and added a red eye on one side and a green eye on the other. I also silver inlaid a sun and moon on opposite sides of the handle.

Other clients ask for a particular style. Texas Bowie, mountainman, military use, hunting, or simply a big-ass knife!

Whatever the style, all are made authentically. I don’t add “forge marks.” Everything I make has forge marks. I don’t give something a “look.” The piece looks the way it does because of the way it is made. I don’t believe in appearance just for the sake of appearance. I want to know the truth about a thing.

In this way, there will only be one just like it in the world.

Tomahawk forged from musket barrel
Moose antler Bowie for a U.S. Marine
Small Elk antler Bowie
Bows and tomahawks close up of turtle
Powder horn-hand carved turtle from a slab of cherry wood